About Us

We founded iPack with a very simple goal in mind. We wanted to be able to provide the people of Saudi Arabia with affordable moving supplies without any stress or hassle. Starting from scratch has not been very easy and we have had to work hard to ensure all of our customers are always happy. We have overcome all of our setbacks however and we are now one of the most respected moving supplies companies in the country.

Whenever people get in touch with us and tell us about their moving supply needs, we are always willing to listen. Even if you just need a few extra boxes to make your move a little easier, or you are looking for someone to supply all of the packing materials for a large move, we are here to help. We have advisers who are always happy to sit and listen to what you are looking for in order to ensure that we deliver a personal service to everyone. This is part of the reason why we have become so well respected among our clients. Many of them have come to us again and again with their moving supply needs and we are always happy to help them.

Not only do we strive deliver the very best customer service, but we also provide the highest quality materials that money can buy. We examine every detail when it comes to the materials that we provide for our customers and we always ensure that they are of the highest quality. That is why our customers are always able to have a comfortable move without any worries, knowing that the material and supplies we have provided for them will do the job properly.

Since we founded iPack, we have learned a lot of valuable lessons and had gained plenty of experience to now consider ourselves experts in the field. This is particularly true when it comes to handling delicate or fragile items. Once you tell us all the details about the fragile items you want moving safely and securely, we will provide the appropriate moving materials for the job. Depending on the nature of your moving job, we have the right kind of packaging equipment to ensure that everything is moved comfortably and without and risk of breakage or damages. That is why so many people love coming to us –because we offer a great deal of peace of mind with our services.

Currently, at iPack we are only covering the main cities like Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh, Khobar, and Dammam. Do not worry if you live outside of these areas though. We are expanding our services all the time and we predict that it will not be long before we are able to cover the whole of Saudi Arabia. So if you are planning on moving soon, regardless if your move is big or small, we have the moving supplies to make it easier. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and ask us about the services we provide.

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