Privacy policy

Here at iPack, we are committed to providing you with strong internet security. That is why we have provided the below statement for you to illustrate our commitment.



None of your personal information will be traded or sold to other companies or other affiliates at any time. 

If any of our customers or online users wish to stop receiving email notifications from us, then can unsubscribe to this service here.

Your IP address and email address is collected by us in order to improve your user experience. We do this to ensure that your shopping cart remains active even if you leave the site. We also use your IP address to help us address any problems that are occurring on the site.

While this site may contain links to other sites, iPack are not responsible for their privacy policies or their security controls. If you have concerns, you should check the separate security and privacy policies of those sites.

While using this site, we will on occasion collect personal details from you. These details include your home or work address and your contact details including your phone number and email address. We collect this information so then you are able to purchase items on our site and we are able to deliver them to the correct location.

Your personal details will also be collected by us in order to contact third parties including banks, credit/debit car providers, fraud and credit checking agencies and government or law enforcement agencies.



Our main intention with our security measures is to ensure that third parties are not able to access our site and capture your personal information. We constantly ensure that the security details on the site are monitored all of the time and we check regularly that the site is secure.

We use standard safety protocols to ensure that the site is running safely and securely at all times. Because we are housing personal information, we ensure that only a limited number of people are able to access the internal data of the website. All of these people are trusted by iPack and have received security checks from high authorities.


Alterations To Privacy and Security Details

In the event that we update our privacy or security details in anyway, even if this is only a change of wording, we will contact you and let you know that the changes are occurring. You will not be required to do anything if you agree with the changes, but you can contact us if you disagree. All changes will also be posted here on this page as soon as they have been cleared so then you have instant access to them.

Even if you have not received an email about the changes in privacy and security details, you can still get in touch with us about the changes when you see them listed on this page. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the changes or if you have any complaints about how the updates will affect you.